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Folio 121

Folio 121

This page depicts the Sanctuary Implements and is divided into two compartments, with the gold and coloured implements prominent against the bright blue ground.
The first item in the top compartment is the pitcher-like laver on ‘its stand’, which was used for washing the priests’ hands and feet (Exodus 30:18-21, 38:8 On the second step is a flesh-hook for turning the sacri¬ficial meat on the altar (Rashi on Exodus 27:3), On the lower step of the stone is Aaron’s rod, In the centre of the top compartment is the Ark of the Covenant, surmounted by a foliage motif enclosing the Tables of Testimony, one in silver and the other in gold (Exodus 25:10-18, 37:1-).
In the top left corner are the Altar of Sacrifice and a large brown tree growing on the Mount of Olives. The Altar of Sacrifice (Exodus 27: 1-7, 38: 1-6) is constructed with stairs and two ramps. The tree on the Mount of Olives alludes to the coming of the messiah.
At the top of the lower compartment of the page are two horns and two long trumpets. The latter were used to call an assembly of the princes, to sound the alarm in wartime, and to proclaim the sacrifices on feast days (Numbers 10:2-10). In the centre of the lower compartment is the shewbread table, with twelve loaves of bread arranged in two tiers.
Between the loaves, hovering above the table, are two bird-like, stylised cherubim with fish-like wings and beaks crossed.
Leaf size is approximately 320 x 262mm (12.5 x 10in)


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