All manuscript images on this site are made from our facsimiles.

Facsimile Editions Limited invests significant resources in creating both the images and the facsimiles from which they are made.

To use an image you MUST obtain Facsimile Editions Limited’s written consent. In commercial cases we charge a reasonable fee, in other cases there may be no fee. Either way, all use must be licensed.

Our previous sites have used images from original manuscripts. Copyright in those images vests with the Libraries who own the manuscripts and to whom application must be made for their reproduction.

Copyright in some Press images on this site may be owned by the photographer or publication. For use contact us first and we will endeavour to forward your request.

On this site, first live in 2021, ALL manuscript images are made from our facsimiles.
These images are Copyright and are NOT free to use. All Rights are Reserved.

The site’s images are all digitally encoded with copyright details – some visibly, some invisibly and some both visibly and invisibly.

From time to time, we run automated web searches which instantly identify unauthorised use and may lead to prosecution and fines.

To use ANY image on our site please apply to copyright@facsimile-editions.com. We will be pleased to discuss a reasonable fee and terms of use.

Thank you.