The original design for the Qatari flag. <small><a href="">© Copyright 2021 British Library</a></small>

National Museum of Qatar

The Brief

The new National Museum of Qatar required, for its opening and permanent exhibits, exact replicas of many of the documents associated with the establishment of the country in 1971. These are mostly held in the archives of the British Library.

The Project

Among the documents reproduced was correspondence between the British Government and its Political Agents prior to the establishment of the country. This was written, or typed, on extremely lightweight ‘airmail’ paper (less than 40 gsm) which is virtually impossible to print on a conventional press. Many similar documents and fragments in Arabic were reproduced, also on exceptionally lightweight paper, as well as maritime navigation charts, pages from broadsheet newspapers and the first design of the national flag.

A different paper was selected for each document and delicately laser cut to the outline of the original.

The project was delivered on time against an exceptionally tight timetable.

Part of the National Museum of Qatar’s extensive display of replica documents of national heritage produced by Facsimile Editions.

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